Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Feel Quiet Book

I have made a few quiet books in the past and wanted to do a feel book like the ones you see in the store. Well I was thinking of doing it with a circle of the 'fur' but it didn't fly so well so I did the whole cut out. (It will make sense with pics!)

Its not perfect but its why I love it! I took images online and just printed and cut them out. Super easy! Google bear vinyl or something and print one you want! For the material, I scored at a rummage sale that had lots of different fabrics. I love a good sale! :) But be creative, stuffed animals work great and random fabric from hats, wallets ect!

I took 2 piece of the felt and sewed the edges. I hot glued the cut outs because I did not want to sew them all. I made 3 books and my hand thanked me!!!
Once I was finished with the book, I sewed all of the pages together!
Simple simple simple! It didn't take much time and I know my little guy will love it when he gets a bit older!

Enjoy <3

The Lioin is not finished. Its why it has taken me so long to post this! I still am not finished but you get the idea :)

 I love these feathers!!!

I hope this has inspired someone! My next quiet book will be for church! I have done one page to date and its been on the back burn so hopefully I finish it by the end of the year ;)


Linda said...

This is a great book. I'm getting a new grandchild soon and this will be just the ticket. Thanks for sharing. Linda

Anonymous said...

I love this little book! someday I hope to make something similar for my little one!
I featured you today on:

Donnie said...

That is just darling. Great job.

Judy said...

I just got a bunch of felt for Christmas and am on the hunt for different ideas of what to make with it. Thanks for sharing your cute book! :)